BUHLMANN suspends business with Russia

Bremen, March 3, 2022: As a global trading house, BUHLMANN is committed to peace in the world. We are dismayed and horrified by Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine and the actions of the Russian government. Our sympathy and solidarity go out to the Ukrainian people as well as to the people in Russia who reject this war as much as we do.

The Buhlmann family and the management of the BUHLMANN GROUP decided on the day after the start of the Russian invasion to stop and prohibit all business with Russia and Russian customers worldwide. Even goods that are ready for transport will no longer be shipped. "We made this decision independently of sanctions, which have not affected our products so far," Jan-Oliver Buhlmann explains this immediate decision of conscience.

All efforts and hopes are directed towards the well-being of life and limb of the Ukrainian people and our partner companies and friends. With a large donation in the six-digit range, the BUHLMANN GROUP also supports organizations that provide assistance to families in Ukraine affected by the war. In addition, the company is procuring donations in kind - bandages, first-aid kits, sleeping bags, etc. - and arranging for their transport to the crisis region. The BUHLMANN GROUP is holding on to the hope that this war in the middle of Europe will end as soon as possible and that we will be able to revive our long-standing good trade relations.