Best Wishes to Dr. Axel Willauschus

After almost 13 years at BUHLMANN GROUP, Dr. Axel Willauschus goes into his well-deserved retirement today. With a review of his career and his activities we’ll reveal why he won’t completely let go of the company yet.

On November 1st 2006, Dr. Axel Willauschus (in the middle of the picture) took over as Technical Director at the former location in Hilden, Germany. Initially his field of work comprised technical customer service, quality management as well as the participation in all projects needing technical know-how. Which he had plenty of: After majoring in Political Economy and a succeeding doctorate, Dr. Axel Willauschus worked for Mannesmann AG and ThyssenKrupp, where he deepened his knowledge and broadened his experience.

For BUHLMANN he was significantly involved in the participation in a testing laboratory to fulfill the need for additional evaluations. He also participated in the combined certification regarding Quality Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Safety (OHSAS 18001). His major task during the last few years was, however, the development and extension of the Technical Services Department. The goal here was to establish a broader technical support for sales and distribution in the project business and to therefore increase customer satisfaction.

Since Dr. Axel Willauschus was always intent on sharing his knowledge, he headed numerous internal trainings and published the book “EN-Normen für Stahlrohre und Rohrzubehör“ (EN standards for steel tubes and tube accessories) which has already run into the fourth edition in 2017. Plans for his retirement include the work on another technical book and giving lectures for young and upcoming engineers at the Technical University at Dresden. Dr. Axel Willauschus will also share his extensive knowledge as independent technical consultant. In this function he will also support BUHLMANN GROUP with important projects in the future.

Dr. Axel Willauschus is retiring today. With Christoph Eyl, Senior Manager Technical Services and on the right of the picture, and Anil Dagdeviren, Manager Technical Services and on the left of the picture, the department remains well-positioned. (For more information see the 1/2019 edition of (B) GLOBAL) All the best to Dr. Axel Willauschus for his retirement and all upcoming projects – we’re looking forward to meeting again in the near future.