New brand identity of the BUHLMANN Group
Our brand identity changes – our service for you remains!

We are very pleased to present our new brand identity to you! One group, a more uniform appearance, a new logo – but the same quality standard in products and services that you know from BUHLMANN and its associated companies.

Why the brand relaunch?

We have developed strongly as a group of companies in recent years, we have grown and expanded our product portfolio. However, the group as a whole was not very visible until now. We are now changing this by introducing an umbrella brand concept for the entire BUHLMANN Group. A closer look at how and why is available here:

The relaunch is mainly accompanied by a visual change through a new logo and a uniform corporate design for all companies that belong to the BUHLMANN family. In order to bundle the strengths of our group of companies and make them even more visible, we will rely on a single brand strategy in the future. This means that in the future all companies of the group will appear under the BUHLMANN brand to the outside world.

What changes for you?

Nothing will change in our cooperation as a result of the new brand concept. Our company data, such as account details, will remain unchanged, as will your contact persons. In the future, we will present all products and services on the website This will make the entire portfolio and the performance of the BUHLMANN Group even clearer for you.

Moving forward together:

  • BUHLMANN companies which previously operated under this brand: only the logo and public image are changed. All formal company data, in particular account and register numbers remain the same.
  • Barthel, Hellebeuk, R-S Matco and NRG Special Products: These companies will continue to operate under their current company names, but will appear under the BUHLMANN brand. In practice, this means, for example, that the BUHLMANN logo will appear at the top of the letterhead in the future, but the familiar company name will continue to appear in the footer. This means that all formal company data, in particular account and registration numbers, will remain unchanged. However, the mail addresses will change to
  • DYLAN: The new brand launch means a change of legal name for the previous DYLAN sites. These will be known as follows:
    • DYLAN Staal becomes BUHLMANN Netherlands B.V.
    • DYLAN Beheer becomes BUHLMANN Beheer B.V. (this will take place later)
    • DYLAN België becomes BUHLMANN Belgium B.V.
    • DYLAN UK becomes BUHLMANN UK Ltd.
  • Thus, in addition to the brand change with a new logo and design, there will also be a formal name change. But again, the formal company data, especially account and registration numbers, will remain unchanged. However, the mail addresses will also change here to